May 31, 2012

Room: I always need more of it!

Well, it seems the thing to do this week is post pics of the working space. I call mine 'The Lair'. lol It's a ridiculous mess! I got a bunch of stuff given to me, then got some new shelves put up for it. I haven't had the time or ambition to get it all organized as yet though. I've been too busy dealing with mother's house sale, which is over at last btw. Praise God!

So anyway...

Here's the lair...

I REALLY need to get in there and sort and shelve...I have 7 sets of plastic shelves here ringing the corner. They are all packed pretty tight, but some of the boxes and containers are either partially or completely empty. I have a lot of sorting to do, and re-containering comes immediately after. lol

I have so much stuff in my lair!  My sweetie was so careful when he took these pics for me. There are several boxes, large ones, in front of the shelves on the floor. 

My bookshelf is full of books that I use to make ATCs and other altered art. That's my little Princess. The miniature dachshund. She visits me often. I have more company too!

That's Ricky. He's a white zebra finch. He sings back to me no matter what I sing to him! lol

Also Maxamillion, our chihuahua. He weighs just over 5 pounds.

There's even a pic of my very messy desk. Some days I take my little netbook computer in there with me so I can keep up with y'all. I've become addicted to that new water flavoring stuff called Mio. I drink it all the time! There's a huge jar of Strawberry Watermelon on my desk. lol

There is also a spare table in front of my desk where my pal Sue sits when she comes over to my house for scrap day. Oh look, there she is now! She comes some Thursdays, and occasionally her sister comes with her for Friday nights. We usually meet at their house on Fridays though.

There's acouple of me in the lair too...just in case you wondered what I look like. One last one of Andrew and me. I like to show him off too! Love you baby!

I hope you all have an excellent day!


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