May 22, 2012

It's been more than a year since I used this. I almost forgot it was here. I should be using it huh? I guess you're right. lol

So what to blog about...I guess I set this up primarily to catalog my art adventures and maybe some of the personal ones too. So. There.

I don't really want to spend a lot of space rehashing the last year so I'll just sum up. We went in December to get mom, and she's living out at Kansas Christian Home. She's doing pretty well there. She's safe and she's making friends sort of. Her memory is getting really bad now though. We've been racing foreclosure to sell her house too. What fun when there are 500 hoops to jump through. I've decided Texas law is just stupid. That actually brings it pretty current. We are going to visit Andrew's mom over the weekend. She wants to move too. lol

I'm going to try to figure out the picture adding thing again, so with your patience, I will learn to do this right maybe. lol

I made this pretty digital ATC yesterday for the homepage image contest at the new group Tastefully_Risque_ATCs. I'm pretty proud of it really. It came out pretty good. I wish I hadn't chosen pink, but that's changeable. lol

More later.

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