June 04, 2012

Framing ATCs

Good Morning fellow crafters!

This weeks blog is kinda short, cuz I got work to do. Sorry to disappoint.

This project was something I saw on one of my ATC groups. I liked it so much that I had to re-create it! It looks fairly simple and it is!

All I did was go to the thrift store, and buy a huge-22x28"-picture. I took the picture out, then pounded some brass furniture tacks at 5" intervals down the sides. Then I strung jute twine between the tacks and clipped my cards to the twine with some tiny clothespins I got at Wal-Mart. The whole thing cost less than 10 bucks!

Simple project, beautiful, and inexpensive. I encourage you to try it!

Have an awesome week!


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