June 24, 2012

Good Evening all! It's been a tough week at our house, and I didn't get a blog in till today. Too much going on with Chloe's attacker being hunted and being angry and all the upset involved with that. The previous week was VBS, and I will post a neat photo from that if I can find it.

I issued a challenge on my weightloss support group page for a piece of artwork...so figured I'd better make one.

It's not real complicated. Just a piece of wallpaper border cut up and arranged and pasted into my art journal. I'm discovering that simple is better sometimes though. The idea isn't complicated, and the journalling even less so. My heartfelt desire is liable to surprise a few folks! lol

I'm also posting the last couple of journal challenges I did. I'm pretty pleased with them really. I'm growing, just a little slowly compared to some. That's OK. My rate of growth suits me just fine.

I'm feeling a lot less angry, and feeling more hurt and offended now. That will be good for the art. Maybe I will get some more ATCs done and posted tomorrow.

G'nite all!


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